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Digikey Orders

 Ordering Rules:

All Digikey orders must be in before 4:30pm Wednesday if you want your parts to be order that week.

All orders MUST be paid for in cash before 4:30pm Wednesday if you want your parts for that week, NO EXCEPTIONS (Note: all cancellations of orders must be made before this time too). Receipts can be issued by the IEEE office if you want confirmation of your purchase.

The price of an order is the following: the collective price of your parts + tax + a $2.00 shipping fee.


Ordering Procedures:

DO NOT hand in your part selection on a piece of paper or by word of mouth to one of the IEEE student branch members!!! Make sure that the member who is taking your order puts them in the spreadsheet for the current week and signs off on it (once again receipts can be issued for confirmation of your order).

To speed up the process of entering in your order into the spreadsheet, a list of your parts can be sent to with the following in the title of your email: DigikeyOrder_(current month)_(current week)_(your first and last name).

If you decided to send your part list by email, please put your list into a spreadsheet with the following in the columns: Full Name, McMaster Email, Part Description, Digikey Part Number, Quantity of Part Needed, and Unit Cost of Part.  A template list is provided below for reference.

Make sure that all the parts that you have selected are from and NOT, the pricing between both of these sites tends to differ along with availability of some of their products.


Pickup Procedures:

An email will be sent out when the order for that week has been received. Do not come by the office asking for your parts before that email has been sent out, you’re only wasting your time and our time by doing so!

MAKE SURE that you include your McMaster email in your digikey order, as we use it to contact you when the order is received and ready to be picked up!



On rare occasions a part that you have ordered may be out of stock when the order goes out. Please insure that all your parts are there when you go to pick them up; you will be refunded for any part which could not be order.

If you have miss calculated the price of any of your parts and have underpaid on the correct amount, you will not receive your parts until the remainder is paid. In addition, if you have overpaid on any of your parts you will be refunded the additional amount along with the tax paid on that amount.



Link to web page for digikey: Digikey Web Page

Template for spreadsheet: Digikey OrderTemplate